About Me

There's not really too much to say here. I do programming for fun, although I haven't really made anything of note. I also make music sometimes, and have an album releasing soon. I also do art, although I'm not... very good at that, so I haven't really posted my art anywhere but Discord. At least it's fun to do, and I might experiment with a webcomic in the future. The name's Ally, if you somehow didn't see that. Feel free to refer to me as that.

What Do You Do?

Most days I just talk on Discord, watch YouTube and scroll through Twitter. Sometimes I play games though, like VVVVVV or Minecraft. Now, what do I want to do in the future? That's a pretty difficult question; I don't even know what I want to do right now. However, I'd most likely enjoy having a job in programming once I have a little bit more practice in it. Best case scenario would be I finally finish a game and are able to make a living off of it. I'd love to make a game, and I definitely do think I have the skills for something simple, however I don't have the motivation to finish anything in my current state. Hopefully that can change soon...

Where Can I Find You?

The easiest place you could find me is on Discord (Ally 🌠#1540), however I don't really like interacting with people I don't know... to save me some anxiety, I'd prefer you not meet me by randomly contacting me on Discord some day. That aside, you can find me on Twitter too, although don't follow if you're expecting to see what I do, because I mostly just post dumb stuff on Twitter. For the things I use less frequently, or things that just aren't social media at all, I have a GitHub account that I barely ever use, and a SoundCloud account that I post on very inconsistently. If you want to see the games I like to play, my Steam account is a good place to start.

Don't I Know You From Somewhere?

There's quite a few people named Ally in the world. I don't think I'm the one you're looking for. If I am... that's pretty neat, I don't really think I've done anything notable, but if you recognize me from YouTube comments, some random tweet you saw on Twitter or me messing around on Discord, that's pretty cool. It's a small world, isn't it?